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Plan, Build & Execute

Plan Your Dreams

Navigating life without calculated planning is like spending money without budgeting - you can do it, but you're leaving lots of potential on the table.embtr addresses this all-too-common shortcoming by helping you build a schedule and ushering you through each day with a clear set of objectives.


Social Accountability

You are who you surround yourself with. There's a whole community of people just like you - people looking to break through life's mythical barriers and achieve everything that they dream to!Embtr embodies Social Accountability to help you celebrate when you win, get back on the horse when you lose, and inspire others that are in need of a boost in their trying moments.


Share Your Journey

You've work HARD to get where you are today - and you're just getting started!Your embtr profile is your personal space to showcase your journey. This is where people come to see your story - your highs, your lows, and everything in-between.

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version 2.0.0

Embtr Timeline Facelift

- reworked the timeline to consolidate and improve information
- resolved bugs (duh - not sure why we are including this on these)


version 1.0.14

First Round Of Feedback Is In

- Added support for "swipe" gestures to update your task progress - this is a smart phone app after all!
- Resolved first round of initial release bugs.


version 1.0.0

We did it! Embtr is LIVE!

embtr is officially live! We currently allow you to schedule your habits, knock them out on a day to day basis, and share your results.Ready to start chasing your dreams? Join us! See you in the app.- Brent (thedevdad)


Embtr Roadmap

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latest version: 2.0.2